Saturday, July 19, 2008

Is it "combat death" when 'vehicle accident' ?

If they are in Iraq or Afghanistan and they die or get wounded, it should be because of combat and listed that way. If they die of their wounds later, then it should be counted as the "official" count. Honor them all or they do not honor any of them.

Randolph native died in combat in Iraq, family reports
Army lists cause of death as 'vehicle accident'
By Lou Michel - News Staff Reporter
Updated: 07/19/08 9:32 AM

Staff Sgt. David W. Textor was killed when he was thrown from the turret of his Humvee during an enemy attack in Mosul, Iraq, according to his relatives.

The death of the 27-year-old Randolph native Tuesday was not the result of a simple vehicle accident as the Army first reported, his family says.

“He died in action. They were attacked. They were targeted,” said Debbie Faultner-Vondra, the sister of Textor’s wife, who both live in Olympia, Wash., where he had been assigned to Fort Lewis before his deployment in May.

The Army, at this point, still officially lists Textor’s death as a “vehicle accident.”

Three other soldiers were injured in the incident, said Lt. Gen. Robert Wagner, commanding general of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command.

“Once the investigation is complete, the Army will be able to release a statement that encompasses everything that occurred in relation to Sgt. Textor’s death,” Capt. Chris Augustine, a spokesman for Special Forces Command at Fort Bragg, N.C., said Friday.
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