Friday, November 7, 2008

Sad day in America when churches need security guards

It's a very sad day in America when churches need security guards with guns. Think of going to worship God in your chosen faith knowing you need someone to protect you from people who fear nothing, have faith in nothing, value nothing. Has anger and hatred so captured the minds of some people they could do such a thing? The question we should have been asking a very long time ago is why.

We have people in this country who can kill children, rape them, torture them with absolutely no remorse at all. We have people who will kill others because of the evil that has taken control over everything that is supposed to make us human.

There are no longer limits criminals even find offensive. There was a time when they thought " You don't kill a cop" or "You don't kill a kid" but those days are long gone.

As long as people decide there is no real hell, no real heaven, nothing to penetrate their own soul, this will keep happening. We need to start to wonder why this is happening when it did not happen before.

Armed guards keep watch over church services
Story Highlights
Churches nationwide turning to parishioners to join volunteer security teams

Many volunteers are retired and off-duty officers who carry concealed weapons

Congregants say the armed security presence provides peace of mind

Consultants encourage using armed guards who are trained in weapons handling
By Emanuella Grinberg

(CNN) -- Lori Davis remembers a time when the doors were always open at her church -- and not guarded.

"No one thought twice about their safety. I guess we took it for granted," said Davis.

But things have changed. In an era when terrorism threats and deadly shootings at schools and churches have made headlines, religious leaders are rethinking their security strategies. Last Saturday, a minister was fatally shot and another man wounded outside of a church in Kentucky where the men went to attend a funeral.

Such violence has houses of worship evolving from the days of walkie-talkies and video surveillance to armed guards, who keep a watchful eye over worship services and church.

"We live in a sinful world and people do crazy and irrational things," said Davis, a member of the Highview Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky.

Highview, like a number of other churches nationwide, has a volunteer security force consisting of at least one armed guard during any given worship service.
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"I'm much more comfortable knowing they're there if needed rather than just hoping for the best," Davis said.
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