Thursday, September 17, 2009

When I quit smoking I met the devil

I heard that quitting smoking is harder than quitting heroin and now, I believe it. After Saturday when one Chantix scared me, this has been cold turkey. I admitted that the way I was feeling after the Chantix was more psychosomatic than anything else and I am still sure that's the case. I am also sure that since Saturday, I've been fighting off the devil himself. I've never been so sad, depressed, angry and spiritually drained in my life. I've been smoking for 32 years. I'd really like to know how this got harder than it was on Saturday instead of easier.

I'd love to hear from you on this if you have any ideas.


  1. What is Chantix?

    My mom got a shot from her doctor, not sure what it's called, but she had no problems quitting after the shot. I think you get the shot, smoke for a week, and then stop altogether. Worked for my mom and one of my brother's good friends, too.

  2. Chantix is a pill and works on most people, like my aunt and uncle, just fine but others had a hard time with it, especially when they have depression or mental illness. The only problem I had was just in my own mind. One pill didn't do anything but my imagination took over.
    The shot sounds good if I cave in. I quit on the 12th and it's been really rough. Lot's of sleeping and crying and eating. Thank you for the advice.


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