Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Officer Remains Remarkably Calm After Being Shot

Radio Recording Reveals Wounded Officer Remains Remarkably Calm As He Calls For Help
Jared Broyles Reporter
November 2, 2009
FORT SMITH - From the radio transmission between a wounded Fort Smith police officer and the dispatcher he called for help reveal his state of mind at the time.

Officer Parsons was surprisingly calm and impressively professional, although you could clearly hear the urgency in his voice. These were his first words: "Station, shots fired...I need help...I've been shot...I'm on Cliff Drive...I've been hit." Within seconds you hear the concerned voice of his supervisor Sgt. Dewey Young asking the station where he's at. A short time later, Parsons radios again: "I've been hit pretty good...I need an ambulance out here."

The suspect, 25-year-old Tristan Honey fled to New Mexico and later turned himself in to officials at this port of entry in San Jon. Parsons was shot four times; once in the center of his chest, but he was wearing a bulletproof vest. Chief Kevin Lindsey says the shot could have been fatal. Lindsey has visited parsons in the hospital and says he's doing well and will likely be released tomorrow.
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Officer Remains Remarkably Calm

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