Monday, April 11, 2016

Army Veteran Makes Wrong Descion on Rock For Future Wife

EXCLUSIVE: Morro Rock Rescue Man Tells His Story
Michael Banks claim of making illegal hike for a FaceTime marriage proposal made global headlines
Keith Carls, KEYT - KCOY - KKFX Reporter
Apr 11, 2016

Michael Banks says his initial intentions were honest and simple but he never imagined it would spiral so far out of control and attract so much attention.

Holding his puppy Moses on the beach with Morro Rock in the background, the 27 year old Banks says he decided to climb the iconic landmark so he could record a cell phone video marriage proposal to his girlfriend.

"This rock is the rock I would love to put on your finger, if I could buy a diamond this size I would because that's what you are worth to me", Banks says about his marriage proposal video, "ultimately I'll never let that go so will you marry me if I feel that way at least? She said yes, now the way she said yes was the emotional part because she says, of course I'll marry you, you are a crazy SOB, and she goes off telling me I can't believe you, you're either going to die or get arrested."
Banks says Morro Bay Police responded to a call of him being a public nuisance and eventually arrested him for being under the influence of methaphetamine which Banks says is actually medication given to him by the VA as an Army veteran.

"I informed him (police officer) not only do I take PTSD anti-axiety meds, I also take meds for my nightmares", Banks says.
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