Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Veteran Marine Confrontation With Police Sign of Need For PTSD Training

Video shows Marine with PTSD in dangerous confrontation with police officers Could proper PTSD training for officers help avoid such violent arrests?
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By Kevin Dietz - Reporter
Posted:June 27, 2016

A terrifying traffic stop caught on video shows a highly-trained and decorated war veteran who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder squaring off with police officers.

The officers were armed with guns and Tasers. The confrontation ended with a trip to the hospital and jail.

The war veteran, Kirk Shahan, is a Marine who was shot at plenty of times on the battlefield while serving his country overseas. Now, back home, he was Tased during a violent traffic stop in the suburbs of Detroit.

Shahan knows all about war. He credits one American flag for his survival during tours in Okinawa, Iraq and Kuwait.

"I carried it in my flack jacket in case something ever happened, that way I would be buried with the U.S. flag," he said.

He saw plenty of death on the battlefield.

"Saw things people shouldn't see. I've done things people shouldn't have done. If I had done those things stateside, I would probably be in prison. Now, they throw a medal on your chest," he said.

Shahan carried his friends' bodies back to safe zones so they could have proper burials.
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