Thursday, July 21, 2016

Judge Ordered Commanding Officer of Idaho National Guard Out of Court?

Veteran asked to leave courtroom for wearing Army uniform
Idaho State Journal
By Debbie Bryce For the Journal
July 21, 2016

POCATELLO — Lt. Col. Fred Flynn, a disabled veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, was asked to leave a courtroom by a judge at the Bannock County Courthouse earlier this month because he was wearing his Army uniform.

Flynn retired from the Army in 1998 but was recalled after that to serve three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He served for a total of 24 years, most recently as the commanding officer of the Army National Guard in Pocatello.

Flynn complied with the order to leave the courtroom, but he said he felt humiliated and disappointed that the judge would ask him to leave because he was wearing his Army uniform.

“I had to leave a courtroom that is based on the very Constitution that I served to protect,” Flynn said.

Sixth District Judge David C. Nye said he ordered that Flynn leave the courtroom during the jury trial of another military veteran because Nye felt Flynn’s uniform could influence the jury.
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