Thursday, October 6, 2016

Air Force Nix 22 Pushups in Uniform

Stunning when you think about the obvious. First thought jumping out at me is that the quoted number has nothing to do with current military members committing suicide. You'd think they'd be doing something to address their own tragic ends to lives dedicated toward saving others. The other thought is that all these stunts have not done any good at all.
22 Pushup Challenge? Not in uniform or on duty, says Air Force
Air Force Times
By: Stephen Losey
October 5, 2016

(Photo Credit: Christopher Ball/Air Force)
Over the past few months, Facebook feeds — and even official defense media sites — have been flooded with photos and videos of people dropping to the ground and doing 22 pushups to raise awareness of the problem of veterans and suicide.

But the Air Force is now warning airmen that while they are allowed to take part in such challenges, doing so while in uniform or on duty, even if their intentions are good, could violate the Defense Department's policies against endorsements and fundraising. The release emphasized that fundraising can't be done during duty hours, although lunch hours are OK, or while in uniform or in the workplace.

"While [airmen] are allowed to participate in activities to honor fallen airmen or bring awareness to issues like suicide, if these activities are associated with any type of nonprofit, non-federal entity, or fundraising or membership campaign, it cannot be done in an official capacity," according to a Sept. 30 Air Force release that described something very similar to the 22 Pushup Challenge, although it didn't refer to it by name.
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This is from the Army for suicides in the 1st Quarter of 2016 In the first quarter of 2016, the military services reported the following:
 58 deaths by suicide in the Active Component  18 deaths by suicide in the Reserves  34 deaths by suicide in the National Guard
And a chart with 4th Quarter suicides from 2013, 2014 and 2015
This is for the Reserve and National Guards
Seems it would be a good idea to address the suicides while they are still in instead of doing pushups for the ones the DOD doesn't have to count anymore.

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