Saturday, November 19, 2016

Fake PTSD Veterans Making it Harder For Real Ones to Get Help From VA?

Doctors say VA's streamlined claims process facilitating fraudulent PTSD claims
In 2008, 23,801 veterans applied for and were granted service-connected disability for PTSD.

That number continues to rise and in 2015 there were 63,049 for that year alone, bringing the total number to 751,499 veterans.
SAN ANTONIO — Thousands of U.S. soldiers are suffering the effects of traumatic incidents long after they return home from war zones.

The results is often a serious and mentally debilitating condition known as post traumatic stress disorder.

Six years after the Department of Veterans Affairs made changes to simplify the disability claim process, some VA doctors say the system is ripe for fraud.

Vets making false PTSD claims, doctors being pressured to diagnose and a system that incentivizes life long health problems are a few of the concerns among former and current doctors interviewed by News 4.

At the root of their concern is neglect for the veterans who desperately need the help.
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Wow, times have changed. I remember in the 80's and 90's trying to get my husband to go to the VA for help. He, like his Dad, thought the VA was for "guys who can't work" and not for them. Back then, PTSD was something to suffer with in silence, suck it up and wait to get over it. It had taken decades to get veterans to understand that they wouldn't be suffering if they did not serve.

There was a backlog of VA claims even back then, but it was a long struggle to convince them to even file a claim. Now this report says there are more filing claims that are not suffering? It's been hard enough to get veterans with PTSD to go to the VA and this report will make it even harder after they have to wait in line for fakes who jumped to the front out of greed.

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