Sunday, November 27, 2016

Navy Capt. Paul "Bud" Rogers to be buried at sea

Navy veteran, who was supposed to be on USS Thresher, to be buried where submarine sank
The Day
By Julia Bergman Day staff writer
November 26, 2016

Groton — A Navy veteran will soon be laid to rest at the bottom of the ocean, more than 200 miles off the New England coast. A submarine from the Naval Submarine Base will fulfill the wish of deceased Navy Capt. Paul "Bud" Rogers to be buried at sea. During routine operations, the submarine will transport Rogers' cremated remains to where the USS Thresher (SSN-593) sank. The Navy is not releasing the name of the submarine or the date the burial will take place, since it does not discuss submarine operations.

Rogers, who spent much of his 41-year career serving on submarines, was supposed to be an observer on the Thresher during the boat's sea trials, but his supervisor, at the last minute, decided that he didn't have enough experience and replaced him with someone else.

It was just a day or two later, according to Rogers' wife, that on April 10, 1963, the Thresher sank — killing all 129 men aboard.

Rogers was devastated, and felt survivor's remorse for much of his life.

"Bud felt that he should've been the one to go down with the Thresher, not this other man," his wife, Barbara "Bobbye" Rogers, 86, said from her home in Wernersville, Penn. "All those years, it bothered him."
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