Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Just to let you know, there will be limited posts for the near future. I am dealing with arthritis in my spine, plus discs crushing some nerves. Not much fun working all day for a paycheck, then trying to sit at the computer doing this afterwards. I'll do what I can but please don't forget about me.

If you are a regular reader please take some time to check out my latest book, RESIDUAL WAR, SOMETHING WORTH LIVING FOR on AMAZON and also on Kindle

This one is fiction but totally inspired by the men and women I've met over the last 3 decades. It has a female hero, actually make that two, PTSD, suicides, murder, homeless veterans, and all the other bad stuff, but it also has hope, peer support, love, compassion and a whole lot of finding something worth living for after have plenty to die for in combat, like the others they served with.

I was hoping to have part two done by Veterans Day, but that isn't going to happen. Hopefully by the end of the year anyway.

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