Saturday, November 26, 2016

Sister Begs For Help While Vietnam Veteran Brother Sits in Jail With PTSD

Veterans 911: What’s Being Done to Combat Suicide After Service
FOX 40 News
NOVEMBER 23, 2016
On July 28, right after he was released from Doctors Behavioral Health Center in Modesto, Scott went to Costco. He was shot by an off-duty police officer after lunging at him with a knife, according to investigators.
He survived and is now in the Stanislaus County Jail.
It's a bond that began when they were kids, growing even stronger as they got older. Suzanne Perez said she tried everything.

"It was very hard. I wanted to make him better,” she said.

As the big sister, she felt a sense of responsibility.

“It was out of my control, and that was hard to accept,” Perez said.

Her brother, Gary Scott, is a Vietnam veteran who she said is battling severe depression and early signs of multiple sclerosis.

“He felt like it was hopeless, like nobody could help him. So he wanted to end his life,” Perez explained, fighting back tears.

She said she knew her brother was going to do something, but she didn’t imagine what was about to happen.
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