Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Vietnam veteran in search of stolen wheelchair

Vietnam veteran in search of stolen wheelchair
By Alex Cabrero
Posted Nov 29th, 2016

WASHINGTON TERRACE — A lot of veterans don't like to talk about what they've experienced at war, especially those who served in Vietnam. But for some, even 45-plus years later, it seems bad things keep happening.

Life hasn't been easy for Jason Cody.

"I'm pushing myself, living alone like this," the Washington Terrace resident said, gesturing around the basement apartment he's called home for the past four years.

A Vietnam veteran, Cody suffers from several health issues: heart disease, bad lungs and post-traumatic stress disorder, to name a few.

"Bad dreams, that's the worst part," Cody said.

But through it all, he's kept on going — until he just couldn't go anymore.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Cody's new black-and-yellow wheelchair was stolen from outside his home.

"I kind of suspect somebody just decided they needed that wheelchair more than I did, or maybe (thought) they could sell it and make some money," Cody said.
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