Saturday, December 24, 2016

Staff Sgt. Shilo Harris, Combat Wounded Soldier Feeling Blessed

Austin film crew bringing veteran's life to the big screen
FOX 7 News
Elizabeth Saab
December 23, 2016
“There are blessings out there. There are better ways to live. There are other ways to live and if they're not living their lives, they need to start living their lives.” 
Staff Sergeant Shilo Harris
A film crew in Austin is chronicling the life of a U.S. Army Veteran who was seriously wounded in Iraq a decade ago.

Staff Sergeant Shilo Harris enlisted after 9/11. “I had two tours in Iraq,” he says. It was during his second tour “On February 19, 2007 we got a call to investigate a possible I.E.D.” Harris was traveling in a Humvee when it hit an I.E.D. “It literally erupted,” he says remembering that day, “700 pounds of explosives went off underneath the vehicle just blew the Humvee apart, shredded the vehicle and killed 3 of my soldiers.
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