Friday, February 10, 2017

Texas Veteran Died After Fall and Botched Medial Care

While that is not the headline the news station decided to use, when you read the article, it is obvious the pain was not ignored and they sought care.
After ignoring pain, Texas veteran dies days after fall
Sharon Ko and KENS
February 10, 2017
Don was a corpsman in the Navy and will have a funeral with full honors on Monday.

SAN ANTONIO -- A veteran suddenly passed away nearly 72 hours after he slipped and fell outside.

On Saturday afternoon, Patsy Turner said that her husband, Don, was taking out the trash when he slipped and landed face down on the pavement. Patsy said that he said he was bruised but otherwise said he felt fine. Later that evening, Turner said that he had trouble sleeping.

The following day, Patsy got Don to go to urgent care, where a doctor took an X-ray. They said that all he had was bruised ribs, but Patsy said that Don kept complaining of pain.

"He just couldn't get comfortable. He kept saying, ‘I'm okay, I'm okay,’ but holding onto my hands really, really tight telling me how much he loved me," she said.

Don fell asleep that evening but Turner later found out that he fell into a coma.

"I called EMS. They ripped the sheets off the bed, put him on the gurney, and out the door they went, so fast I couldn't go with them," she recalled.

Patsy said that what they thought was a minor fall turned out to be far more serious. A doctor at the hospital that examined Don said that he had a 10 percent chance of living.

"They told me that he had sepsis. That he had, like, an air pocket in [his abdomen] that was kind of dead and a tear inside that had caused his intestines to rupture when he hit the ground," she described.
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