Saturday, February 18, 2017

UK: Community Makes House a Home for Veteran with PTSD

A soldier with PTSD was discharged with nothing. We made his house a home
The Guardian
Julian Cash and Marianne Cash
February 17, 2017

Using donations from local residents, we furnish homes for people rebuilding their lives, to give them a fresh start and restore their dignity
Using donations from local residents,
Community Furniture Aid furnish homes for people who have nothing.
Photograph: Community Furniture Aid
Totally shut down, sitting motionless and staring at the floor, his only communication was “I don’t think I can cope with this”.

My wife and I had been approached by the support worker of an ex-soldier, who was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

He was being rehoused – but into a completely empty property, with bare walls and concrete floors. Having lived all his life at home and then in barracks, this young man did not know how to furnish the property. Until then, everything had always been provided for him.

Worse still, he was struggling to even communicate after his traumatic experiences in Afghanistan. We tried to take away the pressure by listing all the essential items that he would need: something to sleep on, sit on, eat off and cook with. Essentially, all the things we take for granted. We also added pictures for the wallsand rugs on the floor. The only charge was £70 to cover our basic costs.

When we delivered all the furniture, the young man was overwhelmed and his support worker was amazed at the amount that was provided. The empty house suddenly became a home. All the stress of having to source each individual item was taken away and the young man was able to concentrate on his rehabilitation.
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