Saturday, March 11, 2017

John Preston Lost His Hero Brother to PTSD Suicide


Marine veteran John Preston fights PTSD with his own rock songs

New Album ‘Battle Cry: Songs of America’s Heroes’ to Help Veterans
Muse Wire
By Raychel Harvey-Jones
Mar 10, 2017
“I wish my brother could have taken a glimpse into the future and see how families are torn apart by suicide. My message is always to move forward and be you. Find what you love and go after it. Losing one vet is losing one vet too many.” John Preston.
I feel as if we live in a society these days where most people are looking out for themselves with some out to make an easy buck. As a former professional singer music will always be a part of me, a passion. Many say music is the only universal language.

I first heard the music and story of Iraq Veteran and rock singer John Preston last year and had been inspired ever since. I got the chance to catch up with John again this year to talk about his new album, an album to solely benefit veterans – a selfless act in this ever-changing world.

“My mission is simple. I want to use my music and life experiences to help veterans all over the world find success in life after serving their country,” says Preston.

Preston penned his first song while serving in Iraq; the led to a record contract with Pacific Records. After returning to what we could call “normal” life his battle with PTSD consumed him and his life. “That fight is bigger than any I faced in Iraq; it’s almost like fighting the unknown. I realized that losing so many good men and women to suicide that I could bring awareness through my music.”

Last year Preston lost his brother after a battle with PTSD.
“He was my hero growing up, and I didn’t see the signs. I was traveling across our nation raising awareness of veteran suicide, and I lost my own brother; how do you explain to his 7-year-old son? How do I explain our hero is no longer here?” read more here

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