Sunday, March 19, 2017

"On the Outside I was Perfectly Fine" Veteran Battles PTSD

Former Army captain Lisa Keevash on mental struggle: On the outside I was perfectly fine
The Express UK
PUBLISHED: Sun, Mar 19, 2017
“I didn’t know who I was. I started to get dark moods and would become really anxious and jealous. I didn’t want to go out and was inflexible. I became argumentative and snappy and people were treading on eggshells around me. My boyfriend at the time bore the brunt of it."
EX-Army captain Lisa Keevash opens up about her mental battle scars.
After a decorated military career, former Army captain Lisa Keevash slipped easily into corporate life with a high-powered job and enviable lifestyle. She was successful and she was fit, but deep inside she was in dark turmoil.

The suppressed feelings from dealing with battlefield casualties and seeing a close officer friend die after an improvised explosive device (IED) blast were twisting her soul and threatening to wreck her life.
If we can make it normal to talk about our struggles then we can stop a lot of these problems getting to a point where they do real damage Lisa Keevash
"On the outside, I was perfectly fine. I had a great job, a new relationship. I was fit, healthy and everyone thought I had made it,” says Lisa, 34, from Edinburgh. “But I was existing in a haze – there in body but not mind."

"I was not enjoying anything, I lost confidence and had anxiety about everything in my life. I was really lost."

“I became snappy, argumentative and generally not a nice person to be around at times. It got very dark.”
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