Saturday, March 11, 2017

UCF Restores Gets Funding for PTSD...We Get Left Out On Our Own

by Renata Sago
March 9, 2017
More than 250 service members, veterans, and first responders have been treated since the clinic opened.
The $577.9 billion national defense bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives earlier this week includes a provision for money that would go to a University of Central Florida clinic that treats veterans and first responders for post-traumatic stress disorder.

UCF RESTORES uses virtual reality as a key part of treatment. The funding for the clinic would come from a defense budget devoted to advanced concepts and simulation.

Dan Holsenbeck, Senior Vice President for University Relations for UCF, is hopeful the provision will get Senate approval and eventually a nod from the president. He knows the funding will not help the clinic run long-term.
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And yet again, this program is just for OEF and OIF veterans...not our generation!

UCF Restores
PTSD Treatment
Troop deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan has been extensive and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is common among our returning veterans. PTSD is associated with poor quality of life, guilt, anger, and unemployment, among other life challenges.

The Trauma Management Therapy program, a division of UCF RESTORES, is offering a treatment program that uses the most effective treatments for combat-related PTSD.

This is a clinical research program, funded by a grant to UCF from the Department of Defense Military Operations Medical Operations Program.

Individuals who have served in Iraq or Afghanistan, who believe that they might be suffering from PTSD, and who are interested in getting more information about our Trauma Management Therapy program are encouraged to call the TMT Project Manager, Dr. Sandra Neer, at 407-823-1668.

Do they give a shit about the fact that the majority of the reported suicides by the VA are over the age of 50? Do they give a crap that age group is also among the largest percentage of veterans fighting PTSD on a daily basis with little help or attention? Do we matter at all to any of these new "efforts" following the decades of efforts we created in the first place?

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