Thursday, March 16, 2017

Vandals in Florida Get Less Punishment For Telephones than Veterans Monuments?

Florida Veterans Ask Lawmakers To Increase Penalties For Vet Memorial Vandals
WLRN News 
MAR 14, 2017

“Monuments all over the state have been vandalized in recent years. I have many pictures here of them being vandalized, causing thousands and thousands of dollars worth of damage: World War II monuments…my father’s monuments vandalized, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, even the 9-11 Monument was vandalized,” he added. “And, the penalties right now for vandalizing these monuments is just a slap on the wrist.”
Did you know it’s worse to vandalize a public telephone than deface a Veterans’ monument in Florida? As one of the most populous states for veterans, Florida lawmakers are trying to correct that.

“My name is Seber Newsome III,” said the Yulee resident. “I’m a veteran. My father was a veteran. He was in World War II in Omaha Beach, and my great-grandfather was a veteran.”
Newsome is normally outspoken on Confederate Veteran Issues. For example, representing the “Save Southern Heritage Florida” organization, he, last year, spoke against a bill to replace a Florida statue of a Confederate general in Washington D.C.

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