Friday, March 10, 2017

We May Matter After All As Caregivers Too!

There is nothing new to us, even though, younger veterans seem to believe it is all about them alone. The truth is, we've just been fighting for the things they get and got left out of most of it. Our husbands and wives came home with the same wounds and we had the same struggles but no one had the internet back then and reporters just didn't care. Imagine what could have happened if they had paid attention to us too?
VA secretary backs expanding caregiver program to older vets
Military Times
By: Leo Shane III
March 10, 2017
But when Congress authorized those services in 2010, they made the the majority them only available to caregivers of post-9/11 veterans. Researchers estimate that covers only about one-fifth of the 5.5 million family members providing home care for veterans.
WASHINGTON — Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin supports expanding his department’s caregiver benefits to families of veterans of all eras, and thinks the move may be far less costly than most critics expect.

In testimony before the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee earlier this week, Shulkin said he believes the current restrictions on the caregiver program — which limit many benefits solely to families of post-9/11 veterans — need to be updated.

“I do believe it needs to be for all veterans,” he said, “particularly our older veterans who want to stay at home, and then maybe they wouldn't have to leave their home and into an institution.”

He said department officials have begun a review of the costs and procedures for expanding the program, and will formally approach lawmakers with a plan in the months to come.

Currently, VA caregiver programs provide a monthly stipend, travel expenses, access to health insurance, mental health services, training and respite care for designated caregivers of injured or infirm veterans.
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