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If You Missed Combat PTSD Wounded Times Today, You Missed A Lot

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"Edmund W. Sumner was a veteran of the Air Force during the Vietnam era. He had become homeless in recent years, but on this day, he had a large family who turned out to honor his years of service."

"Largely unrecognized for a century, the names of the women veterans from the U.S. Army and the Navy now are engraved on a bronze plaque on the courthouse lawn, next to the memorial garden and other war memorials."

"Robert Celestial, Pacific Association for Radiation Survivors president, was joined by Vietnam veterans and former military civil service personnel to testify about atomic radiation and Agent Orange exposure on Guam. Frustration at lack of recognition was a common theme for many who testified." #agentorange

"Veterans are invited to attend a funeral this morning for Donald J. Burciaga, an Army veteran who died last month in Hilo with no known survivors in the state...Burciaga was an Army veteran who entered into service in Kailua, Oahu. He died March 4 at age 68 at Yukio Okutsu State Veterans Home in Hilo."

"She now lives in Florida, but came to Philly for the screening at the National Constitution Center of a documentary she funded, VA: The Human Cost of War.
The film documents “the true cost of war through the enormous sacrifices and subsequent neglect" of veterans, says Lois."
Read the story of this amazing woman and then know the woman behind the Disabled Veterans for Life Memorial!

"Duke is a service dog to a Chesapeake veteran...Duke’s owner suffered from an accident in war and suffers from PTSD and seizures, the American Humane website said." #combatptsd

A reminder of the fact that after over a decade of "raising awareness" and making money, no one has been held accountable for the outcomes.

"CharityWatch notes that there are more than 40,000 nonprofit organizations dedicated to serving the military and veterans and an estimated 400,000 service organizations that in some way touch veterans or service members."

There is a list on this link going back a couple of years and they are still good choices. If you are thinking of giving with Memorial Day coming up, check them out and as always, fully check out any charity you want to donate to.

"The suspect surrendered to law enforcement shortly after 4 p.m. Chief Rich St. John confirmed the man is in custody. St. John said the man did not have a weapon."
"Police are using bullhorn to communicate with suspect who is an Air Force veteran. 'Your wife cares about you, your kids care about you, I care about you,' said the officer pleading with the man over the loudspeaker."

Recommended for you
Veterans Kevin Jamison and Bryan Meyer talk about Kansas City's Veterans Community Project, its tiny house village for Veterans and the value their efforts are bringing to the community.

"For more than half a century, Rickles headlined casinos and nightclubs from Las Vegas to Atlantic City, New Jersey, and livened up late-night talk shows. No one was exempt from Rickles' insults, not fans or presidents or such fellow celebrities as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Johnny Carson."

A sheriff's sergeant, two firefighters and an animal conservationist became birds of a feather to help rescue an injured bald eagle that was struggling to fly near a Kansas lake."

"And he still didn’t, right until the morning last month, when he actually moved in to his own studio apartment created from three containers. By then, that dirt lot in Midway City had been transformed into a landscaped village for formerly homeless military veterans like Harrell." #homelessveterans

"Furever Bully Love Rescue says Jess was at OIA on Wednesday with her foster owner when they made her take off her service dog vest and leash for a screening. The dog bolted out of the airport and is believed to have been hit by a car."

"Veterans account for one of every five suicides. Compared to the general population, veterans are less likely to seek care for psychiatric disorders, are more likely to successfully complete suicide, and have a significantly higher suicide risk." #combatptsd and I bet you noticed the part that they are still less likely to seek care...

"A CH-53E Super Stallion experienced a 'hard landing' Wednesday during a training flight at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Arizona, but the five Marines aboard were unhurt, Marine Corps officials said today."

Overmier said her husband, who attended the ceremony, talks about that horrible time now, especially as “times change” and sharing stories becomes more acceptable. “They (veterans) talk more about that now,” she said. “They tell their stories now. And they need to,” both to process them and to pass along their lessons. #combatptsd

"The ADA says that federally funded institutions - including public universities - must not block individuals the access to accommodations relevant to their disabilities. A service animal is no exception...but the animal must not represent a direct threat to individuals, and the handler must be able to keep the animal under control. UNT appears to have provided plenty of evidence that Tawan’s service dog, Cali, was “uncontrollable.”

"There are nine new Fisher Houses in the works this year, including two in the Bronx, one in Charleston, South Carolina, one in Connecticut, one in Alaska, and two in Florida, one in Orlando and one in Tampa . The Fisher House Foundation is also building a second facility at Keesler Air Force Base in Mississippi and its third Fisher House in Houston." 

"Galen has been a bush pilot in Alaska, a labor negotiator, has a Masters’ degree in psychology and wrote a screenplay about his life. But perhaps an even bigger accomplishment -- he and his wife Muriel will celebrate their 68th wedding anniversary next week."

“I really love this event,” said Col. Todd Fox, Fort Hood’s garrison commander. “I think this is a great opportunity for a lot of our young soldiers to see how our community sticks together even after you take off the uniform.”

"The event was part of the 2017 United Healthcare Ride to Recovery Texas Challenge, a 500-mile non-competitive, therapeutic bike tour that began Monday in San Antonio."

What if every thing you thought about yourself turned out to be bullshit? All of what you saw within your own body were just lies you convinced yourself were true? What if someone figured out that all you needed was to see the truth and gave you the chance to do it?
That is what happened to Amanda Leverage after she convinced herself that her heroism was directly tied to the suicide of a soldier she adored. It came close to destroying her until she was sent to Fort Christmas to lead a group of soldiers facing less than honorable discharges after they also sacrificed for others.
While this is the work of fiction, it involves much that we talk about everyday on this site and on #combatptsd Wounded Times.
I wrote it hoping the truth within the fiction would set the truth free and more will discover after risking their lives for the of others, they too, will find something worth living for.
Don't give up on yourself when the truth is, you still have more to give others. Live, heal and then spread hope!

"Susan Campbell was responding to an incident where a female soldier in Afghanistan had posted a detailed note online alleging bullying and victimisation before attempting suicide last week. The soldier was evacuated to a military hospital in Germany where she is reported to be in a stable condition."

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- It is with great sadness we share with you this morning the news that Meteorologist Tom Johnston’s body was found in Auburn Thursday night. He died of an apparent suicide, police said....Tom, 46, was part of the NEWS CENTER family for the past three years. You saw him most frequently on our 5:30 p.m., 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. newscasts each weekday. He was reported missing early Monday morning when he didn’t return home to Old Orchard Beach after a weekend at Sunday River Ski Resort.

"In a motion to release Hunt, two Oregon assistant federal public defenders described him as a Vietnam veteran and retired professional surveyor with no prior criminal history and long-term ties to his California community."

"A man who died Sunday at an Alachua County shooting range is believed to have committed suicide, authorities said Wednesday. The incident occurred at Harry Beckwith Guns & Range on U.S. 411 between Gainesville and Micanopy."

"So far, the MIST Program has graduated two groups of participants. "We've seen incredible success," she said. Overall, participants have benefited from increased wellness, but some of the participants' accomplishments were more personal. One service member's medical evaluation board was halted because of how much his behavioral health had improved; another reversed the downward trajectory of his marriage." #tbi

"A communication link between the U.S. and Russia used to protect their pilots flying sorties over Syria was used ahead of an American missile strike on the country."

"Dragon, a military working dog, spent his last day eating steak and playing ball.
The German shepherd served in the Army for nine years and five months before he was diagnosed with nonoperative, aggressive cancer March 31 and euthanized Thursday..."

"It turns out Dr. Chapman gave plots away for free to veterans people who lived in the neighborhood — including one for himself. He’s the only vet in the cemetery who fought in the civil war."

"Specialist Riley Gast was found dead Saturday, Fort Bliss officials confirmed over the weekend. ABC-7 first reported on Gast's disappearance last Thursday. He was last seen in a laundry building on post."

"The names on the memorial begin with U.S. Army Company No. 9 Volunteers in the Nez Perce War of 1877 and continue through the country’s present Gulf War period that officially began August 2, 1990. Since the Eagle Circle dedication, more tribal member and descendent veterans who served in the Iraq and Afghanistan war zones have been identified and will be added to the memorial."

"The service inked a $6.4 million contract March 31 for enough kits to outfit 24 infantry battalions with the technology. The contract came just 51 days after Marine leaders identified the technology, invented in a Camp Lejeune barracks room, as a valuable capability for the service, said Lt. Gen. Robert Walsh, commanding general of Marine Corps Combat Development Command..."

"A woman somehow got her head wedged in the subway doors at the last stop in the Bronx earlier this week -- and once the video was posted on Instagram, it went viral as outraged New Yorkers blasted people who didn't stop to help."....including the person shooting the video!
And just think, there are even more!

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