Monday, May 1, 2017

Department of Defense 2016 Suicide Report Released

The Department of Defense released the 2016 4th Quarter Suicide report
For the fourth quarter of 2016, the military services reported the following: 

• 76 deaths by suicide in the Active Component 

• 20 deaths by suicide in the Reserves 

• 30 deaths by suicide in the National Guard
On the last page of the report are the totals. It is 275 for Active Duty, plus 203 for Reservists and National Guards

This is the whole chart

What the chart does not show is the reduction of members of the military by the thousands since 2012.

2013 there were 1,131,285 E1-E9
2014 there were 1,090,759
2015 there were 1,070,546
2016 there were 1,060,084

This is after a decade of DOD Prevention training and over a decade of folks running around the country screaming about how they are raising awareness. So why didn't anyone think to tell them of all the reasons they have to live after surviving combat?

Why didn't anyone hold members of Congress accountable for funding all these "efforts" when the results are this heart crushing? 

Why didn't anyone hold military leaders accountable for any of this?

Why didn't the press report on any of this?

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