Friday, May 26, 2017

Everyone Raising Awareness of Death by Default

A friend asked why I am always so pissed off when I hear the term "raising awareness" and here is the answer,

March to raise awareness of veteran suicide

Winchester Sun-7 hours ago
An average of 22 veterans die by suicide each day, according to a 2016 report from the Veterans Affairs Office of Suicide Prevention. 

Soldiers raising awareness about veteran suicide make it to the Soo hour ago
(WLUC) - The two soldiers walking across the Upper Peninsula to raise awareness about veteran suicide, Staff Sergeant Michael Beattie and...

VA looks for ways to curb veteran suicide crisis

FOX 13 News, Tampa Bay-May 23, 2017
TAMPA (FOX 13) - The Department of Veterans Affairs says the suicide rate for veterans has surged in recent years, and VA Secretary David 

WNY Veteran to ride 422 miles in wheelchair for veteran suicide ... 22, 2017
Geartz struggled with thoughts of suicide. According to the VA, an average of 20 veterans die from suicide each day. “I previously attempted .

Second Annual DSM March to Raise Awareness for Veteran Suicide 22, 2017
DES MOINES, Iowa -- Twenty veterans nationwide commit suicide every day, according to a 2016 Department of Veterans Affairs study.

Soldiers raise awareness of veteran suicide

Daily Mining Gazette-May 24, 2017
MARQUETTE — Two soldiers from the Michigan National Guard — who are marching across Michigan's Upper Peninsula to raise awareness ...

New Albany gym and charity join forces to fight veteran suicide

WDRB-May 24, 2017
Ten percent of the gym's membership fees go to fund suicide prevention programs for veterans such as Joshua Leary, who suffered a brain ...

Navy veteran walking across country for veteran suicide and PTSD

WBIR-TV-May 21, 2017
CHATTANOOGA - (WRCB) A Navy veteran is walking across the country with his service dog to raise awareness about veteran suicide and ...

Midland boy spreads awareness on veteran suicide, motorcycle ... 21, 2017
22 Kill push up videos have played a part in fighting against veteran suicide. By doing 22 push-ups and sharing it online, these videos spread .

Veterans leave on 92-mile hike to raise awareness for veteran suicide

Fox17-Apr 27, 2017
COMSTOCK PARK, Mich. - A handful of veterans stepped off on a 92-mile hike Thursday morning to raise awareness for veteran suicide.

Group of men running to save veterans' lives

KALB News (press release)-2 hours ago
(WDBJ) -- These men are running to raise awareness for veterans who ... We're trying to highlight 22 veteran suicides a day," Campbell said.

House resolution supports veterans organization 23, 2017
Mission 22 creates large-scale public memorials, in an effort to raise awareness about, and prevent, veteran suicide

MJ gym helps local vets 'lift for their lives' to prevent suicide

Wilson Post-May 24, 2017
The day his wife officially left him, Davis almost committed suicide. A Veteran's hospital was just two blocks away. "I asked for the ER there," ...

Veterans March to Bring Awareness to PTSD, Suicide

Spectrum News-May 21, 2017
At the state capitol, people marched to bring awareness to veterans' issues like homelessness, PTSD and suicide. According to the VA, around ...

Those are just from this week and only a couple of pages into a Google search. 

With all these folks raising awareness, how is it that none of them seem to know how to change the outcome? 

If you've been passing along "awareness" links, bet you feel foolish now. After all, you just contributed to part of the problem getting the attention along with the group but not giving veterans anything worth living for. These veterans haven't been able to count on those using numbers as if they actually mattered.


In 1999 the number from the VA was 20 a day and the last report had it at 20 a day. Its time to raise hell and get them the help they need starting with the giving them reasons to fight and take back control of their lives!

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