Monday, May 29, 2017

I missed more than I thought I would this Memorial Day

Today, nothing worked out the way I planned but that's ok now. My TV decided it needed to enter into the twilight zone, so I had to buy a new one. The cable didn't fit, so I had to go and try to find an adapter. So yes, you can gloat, I went shopping on Memorial Day...Karma!

Long story short, I got to the cemetery when the service was over. Chairs were being folded up and Channel 2 News was just leaving. I had seen the service many times before and filmed it. Plus I knew Channel 2 would have some coverage of it, so I took a deep breath and started to walk around with peace and quiet for a change. 

As I walked, I stopped here and there, reading the stones with names, dates and branch of service. I couldn't help but notice how many had no flowers, no flags, no indication that someone was there for them. Then I thought about my own Dad and my husband's Dad. We were not there to leave a remembrance for them either. They are buried in Massachusetts and we're here in Florida. I knew it would be wrong to make assumptions about the families of these veterans laid to rest. It was just sad and made me miss our Dads more than usual.

Here is the article from WESH 2

Winter Park community gathers to observe Memorial Day

Monday morning, the Winter Park community gathered to give special honors to those who fought in Vietnam. Organizers said unlike the veterans of World War II and Korea, Vietnam vets came home to a divided country and didn't have the support to adapt to civilian life. Michelle Meredith reports.

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