Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Twenty Years in Navy, Veteran Gets Note For Parking in Veteran's Spot?

Angry note left on Navy vet's car for using veteran-designated parking space

Navy veteran Rod Boyle received this note on his car after utilizing veteran-designated parking at a local grocery store. The expletive used in the note has been blurred out.
On Saturday night, Rod Boyle, 56, parked in a spot reserved for veterans at the Harris Teeter in Wake Forest, N.C. — something he almost never does.
He was just going into the store to pick up a few things quickly, he said.
He wasn’t expecting a note accusing him of misusing the parking spot, since he retired from the Navy after 20 years as a Petty Officer 1st Class.
click link for more of this...but I bet you figured out who the real moron is.


  1. The note had been placed on my car as the person exercised the right to which I defended. However, where is the line of ethical and moral value lie.

    -- Rod Boyle

    1. You are an amazing man! This kind of thing happens way too often. Glad you called them out on this. The crazy thing is, it happens more often to female veterans.


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