Saturday, May 6, 2017

UK PTSD Veterans Are Not Victims of Anyone But Politicians

Hey, buddies across the this guy for real? He really thinks that combat PTSD is the same as what civilians get? Guess he still didn't get the fact that civilians can get hit by PTSD from one event but you guys faced them everyday. Was he even deployed?
Ex-Army captain standing as Tory MP says too many veterans are misdiagnosed with PTSD
The Mirror UK
Chris Hughes
May 5, 2017
“I am actually shocked that Johnny Mercer is downplaying the seriousness of PTSD. It is a serious mental health condition that causes real suffering, and is not just confined to military veterans. His Government talks big words about more funding for mental health services, but Mr Mercer’s words are all too typical. Neither he nor his government take mental health seriously, and they assume that these illnesses are not real." Labour candidate Sue Dann
A former Army captain bidding for re-election as a Tory MP has sparked a row by claiming too many war veterans are misdiagnosed with PTSD.
Conservative Johnny Mercer said post traumatic stress disorder can be “thrown around as an excuse” and that there’s a need to focus on people who are “genuinely ill.”

He said while PTSD is a “chronic condition” he believes misdiagnosis is leading to a culture of “victimhood” among veterans.

He added: “There is a one per cent increase in your likelihood of getting PTSD if you are in combat troops in the military.

“If you’re not in a combat arm, it’s the same as society outside of the military. We’ve got to be realistic about PTSD. I say that not from any lack of sympathy.

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We have the same problem here but remember, there are more of you than there are politicians in your country too! 

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