Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Veteran Suicide Press Released Removed Truth!

More BS with the number!! Who did it come from? A Vietnam veteran!
“Veterans are returning from combat and committing suicide at a rate of 22 per day!” Delate emphatically declared. “Awareness and prevention is key, and I am doing everything I can to educate veterans and civilians alike to make a difference.”
Educate veterans and civilians on a fabrication?

So many people running around the country taking about veterans committing suicide without a single clue, yet reporters just let them talk as if it is fact. Will folks ever get it right?

Did he bother to read the report to know that is not true?

MEMORIAL DAY is an intimate portrayal of a veteran suffering from the wounds of war and on the verge of suicide who, through his story and numerous characters, experiences a transformation and redemption that offers hope and promise to new and old veterans and civilians alike. Delate wrote the theatrical version, which has been performed in New York, Los Angeles, and Hanoi.

Local Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Day Addresses PTSD and Suicide press release didn't bother to mention that the majority of the veterans committing suicide are over the age of 50! Yep, that's right. But had anyone bothered to actually read the report, they'd know that. Save guess that had this been actually an important enough topic, they would have actually read the report!

Take a look at this and then tell me how all this "awareness" has done any good?

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