Saturday, May 13, 2017

Vietnam Veteran Came Home With PTSD and Music

How music is healing the wounds of Richmond Veteran with PTSD
WTVR 6 News
MAY 12, 2017

RICHMOND, Va. -- In his darkened, cluttered basement Steve Koslowski finds sheer bliss with a beat.

Koslowski immerses himself in song.

“Most days I am down here for five, six seven hours,” said Koslowski. “You name it. It runs the entire gambit.”

From the Bee Gees and Bach to Chopin and Shaft.

“I can go back and listen to Isaac Hayes if I want to,” he added.
“Eighteen of us went in country North Vietnam 30 miles west of Hanoi. Four of us came out,” he said.

The experience in his late teens scarred him on the outside and in. Koslowski showed reporter Greg McQuade the scars of three bullet holes he says were from the enemy in Vietnam.

“I have bullet holes here. Here and here. They went in there. Came out there. Bounced off,” said Koslowski.

PTSD led to a string of unsuccessful jobs driving trucks and a failed first marriage. He was at the end of his rope. But rediscovering music is slowly pulling Koslowski out of his dark place.
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