Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Another Phony With Veteran's Charity Busted by Good Guys

Earlier today my buddy Gunny (not the guy in the following article) told me about a guy claiming to be a "highly decorated Marine." As usual, I went to This Ain't Hell, and found the link to MilitaryPhony.com

You really need to read the rest for yourself, so check out the link.
"For some reason he rocketed from E-2 all the way to E-1 and was sent to discover his land legs again." Military Phony wrote after a lengthy wait for this guys records.

This is what really got me,,,,

During the time we have been waiting on his records we have had multiple reports of him claiming to suffer from the PTSD.
We have no idea what causes him to suffer from such a thing, but we know strange things can happen in Fan Rooms aboard ships. Maybe something went bump in the night…we may never know. 
In summary, his FOIA response has no Navy Cross, Silver Star, NMCM(equivalent to a Silver Star for heroism while not directly engaged with the enemy), Purple Heart, Prisoner of War Medal or any other award with the exception of the National Defense Service Medal.   
According to his records he was on the opposite side of the planet during Vietnam. No RECON assignments or training of any kind. His records show he was most certainly not a United States Marine of any rank. 

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