Saturday, June 3, 2017

Cutting VA Comp for Seniors is Dishonoring Their Service and Sacrifice

SECRETARY SHULKIN: I have such great admiration and respect for VSOs, and I understand their passion and I share their commitment that it is so important that this country honor its responsibility to our veterans. That doesn't mean that you don't go back and revisit programs that have been around for a long time and figure out different ways to use those resources, as long as they're directed to helping veterans and more veterans. Now, I understand there's not always going to be agreement. This is Washington, and we're always going to get passion over important topics. And I welcome comments from our veteran service organizations about how to do things better. And I know that since we share the same goal of helping veterans, that we'll get to the right answer.
Wrong! This is not about passion. This is about keeping a promise this country made our veterans the day they put their lives on the line for this country. We just had Memorial Day when every politician was giving speeches about honoring those who paid the price for our freedom. No one mentioned the fact that they were about to stop paying that debt.

That honor died the day that the President of this nation decided that he no longer needed to pay full compensation to our disabled veterans.

If this does not bring dishonor and shame to the White House in your own mind, then consider this. They are disabled because they served. They had to fight for their claims to be honored and spent years in limbo with the assurance that once they proved their disability, they would receive medical care and compensation to live the rest of their lives without concern this country would default or decide the elderly were no longer worthy of that promise.

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