Saturday, July 1, 2017

Guardian of Valor Started After American Idol Faker Took The Stage

Meet the country's most prominent "stolen valor" detective
CBS News
June 14, 2017

"It's just too great for some people. They would rather impersonate instead of actually go raise their hand and serve their country." Anthony Anderson

In 2013 "American Idol" featured a contestant with a sympathetic story.

"We were on a mission in Ramadi, Iraq, and we came across an IED, and the IED exploded," Matt Farmer said on "American Idol." Farmer served in Iraq, but was never injured in battle and later admitted "it was all lies" in a letter to the website, Guardian of Valor.

"When we outed the guy from 'American Idol', that pretty much started this whole thing," Guardian of Valor founder Anthony Anderson said.

Anderson may be the country's most prominent "stolen valor" detective. "Stolen valor" is a term applied to those who falsely claim military service, either to gain recognition or, in some cases, money. It's offensive for many Americans to think of, but it's real, and because the government often doesn't have the resources or time to investigate, private citizens pick up the slack, reports CBS News correspondent Jeff Glor.

From his South Carolina basement, Anderson works day and night separating military fact from fiction.

"We've had family members turn their own family members in. It's crazy sometimes. I've had sons turn their dads in. I've had dads turn their sons in. It's wild," Anderson said.

The website features a "Hall of Shame" and links to video confrontations.
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There is another fake hunter and this is one from last year from Don Shipley

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