Friday, July 14, 2017

John Paul DeJoria Donating Fortune to Homeless Veterans, Like Him!

ROK Mobile’s Co-Founder, Billionaire John Paul DeJoria, to give his Fortune Away to Homeless Veterans Through ROK Mobile’s ‘Veterans Helping Veterans’ program - #Vets2Vets

LOS ANGELES, July 13, 2017 -- ROK Mobile announced today the launch of the “Veterans Helping Veterans” (#Vets2Vets) initiative where ROK Mobile will be giving away mobile and telemedicine services to approx. 50,000 homeless veterans throughout the United States. 

The #Vets2Vets program, which has two phases, will start with the pilot launch donating FREE mobile service to the 1,200 homeless veterans within Greater Los Angeles in August 2017.

This comes on the heels of the release of billionaire John Paul DeJoria’s recent documentary “Good Fortune,” which chronicles John Paul DeJoria’s own journey from being a homeless veteran (twice) to the billionaire founder of Paul Mitchell Systems, PatrĂ³n Tequila and now ROK Mobile. John Paul DeJoria’s philanthropic dynamics drive his philosophy of doing good by giving away his fortune in ways that empower those who need it most. This has been the core of all his business endeavors. read more here

If you don't understand something like this, then watch this video. It is about a homeless Vietnam veteran who wanted nothing more than some food to feed his cat. The pastor of a church took him in and so did the rest of the church. When I went to his funeral, I couldn't believe how many people were there for this very humble man. 

Well, I wrote about it and it turned out his son was a Marine serving in Iraq. He never knew what happened to his Dad, or that his Dad never gave up trying to find him. Sadly, he was in Iraq when he discovered his Dad died but then he met the church family and that his Dad died well loved.

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