Sunday, July 23, 2017

Social Security Judges Don't Have to Explain Cutting Disabled Veterans Benefits?

Veteran survives crash, stroke, heart attack, but denied benefits
Andy Pierrotti
July 22, 2017
In the past, when a veteran was deemed unemployable by the VA, Social Security judges were required to explain why they disagreed with the VA’s disability ruling.

Starting this past march, judges are no longer required to do that.
Sleep is rare commodity for Daniel Norfleat. The Covington resident typically gets about three to four hours asleep a week.
“And without the sleep, I’m constantly going around in circles, a circle of pain,” said Norfleat, a U.S. Navy veteran.

The 53-year-old takes two dozen pills a day for pain, depression and a severe case of insomnia. The rare moments he does get shut-eye, he’s often woken by the screams of a deadly day serving onboard the U.S.S. Lexington, an air craft carrier.

In 1989, a pilot crashed his plane while trying to land. Five sailors died that day and Norfleat hasn’t been able to shake the image from his mind.

“We had fires. We had hurt bodies, hurt people,” said Norfleat. “I have a VA psychologist I see and we talk about it.”

In addition to post traumatic stress disorder, Norfleat has suffered a heart attack, a stroke, and knee surgeries.
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