Saturday, July 29, 2017

Woman with PTSD Kicked Out of Walmart Because of Service Dog?

Walmart needs to stop making own rules on service dogs.
A woman with a PTSD service dog was told to leave the store. She is a civilian but that shouldn't matter to any of us because if they are still disregarding the law on service dogs, they disregard all the disabled with with these dogs. 

The goal of a service dog is to get people out of their houses and into the community. All the training these dogs go through cannot prevent the extra stress of being treated like a criminal because of them.

Despite following rules, asked to leave
Billy Ludt
July 29, 2017

“No Pets Allowed” is common signage found outside businesses, but not all domesticated animals are pets. Some are service animals.

Ann Gott, 67, Austintown, was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder after her husband died. Not long after, she received Barney, a Maltese service dog that helps detect and calm her symptoms.
"An employee from Walmart customer service told The Vindicator service animals 12 pounds or less are allowed in the shopping cart, as along as the dog is atop a cover in the cart."

"The U.S. Department of Justice requires any private business that serves the public to permit service animals anywhere customers are allowed. A physical or mental impairment that may limit a person’s ability to function is considered a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act. That includes PTSD."
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