Sunday, August 20, 2017

PTSD in UK Veterans Families Shows Crisis Spreads

Who will care for the carers? Hundreds of Army families also suffer from PTSD after 'knock-on effect'

Mirror UK
Alan Selby
August 19, 2017

At least 905 partners and children of forces veterans sought treatment for mental health issues during a 12-week period last year, NHS data shows

Bridget Cresswell says husband Stacey's PTSD had a "massive knock-on effect" for their family
Partners and children of forces veterans are being struck down by mental health problems – with hundreds seeking help each month.
At least 905 sought treatment during a 12-week period last year, NHS data shows.
But experts warn this could be just the tip of an iceberg, as stigma around mental health stops sufferers seeking support.
It comes as a separate poll by veterans’ charity Combat Stress showed 45 per cent of partners were problem drinkers, 38 per cent had depression and 17 per cent had post traumatic stress disorder themselves.
Brigette Cresswell, 41, said the PTSD suffered by her veteran husband Lance Bombardier Stacey Cresswell, 45, had a “massive knock-on effect” for the family.
She said: “I always felt with Stacey being the one suffering with PTSD he got all the help, all the respite care.
“We were pushed to one side. It was like we didn’t matter. Even though I know there are things out there available to me, I’m not aware of how to access them.”

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