Friday, September 1, 2017

DOD Suicide Report Lessons Unlearned?

Department of Defense Suicide Report
For the first quarter of 2017, the military services reported the following:
• 71 deaths by suicide in the Active Component
• 20 deaths by suicide in the Reserves 
• 31 deaths by suicide in the National Guard

Air Force 19
Air Force Reserve 2
Air National Guard 2

Army 31
Army Reserve 11
Army National Guard 29

Marine Corps 7
Marine Corps Reserve 5

Navy 14
Navy Reserve 5

The numbers are slightly worse than the first quarter of 2016. How do they explain this?

Will they finally end "resilience training" and give these men and women what they need to know before they go and what they need to do when they come back?

For all of the "awareness raisers" running around the country, do you have an answer as to why what you are doing has not worked?

By the way, when you talk about a number from research you didn't bother to read, you are not even trying to talk about any of these lives.

Does anyone feel it is necessary to actually explain anything to anyone? 

They want help, you give them slogans.

They valued the lives of others so much so they were willing to die for their sake. They could not find what was valuable enough inside of them to fight for themselves. Are you ok with that?

They survived the worst that combat could do. They could not survive surviving it back home? Are you ok with that too?

We've researched PTSD to death for decades and ended up creating a bigger threat to their lives when they were supposed to be safe. Are you ok with that?

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