Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sheriff in Florida Issues Warning to Stop Shooting at Hurricane Irma

It is really tense right here in Central Florida, especially when most of us know folks in the areas about to be hit hard by storm surges. Here are some things that I hope make some of us laugh at this nightmare.

Florida sheriff's office warns people not to shoot at Hurricane Irma

Yep, that's Florida! That was on USA Today. Here are a few more

In other news, boat owners ride out hurricane in boats, because "they float."
WENY NewsFort Myers, Florida -- It's generally considered dangerous to attempt to ride out a major storm in a boat. But a look around the Fort Myers Yacht Basin Saturday evening revealed several boat owners remaining on board. 
We even talked to one man who plans to stay aboard throughout Hurricane Irma. 
We asked the brave mariner how he plans to deal with a potential 10-foot storm surge. "My boat floats...I'm going to be on top of it."

Hurricane Party 
South Beach

Shouts of “F— you, Irma!” rose from a group of some 20 surfers as they drank beer, white wine and champagne on the beach. 

“Block party, baby!” artist Jona Cerwinske, announced.
They’d reluctantly left off surfing by late afternoon, after the Atlantic Ocean began to churn.
“It’s like a washing machine out there,” noted George Granizo, 51, as he abandoned the water.
The surfers said they’d gathered on the beach to mark the one-year anniversary of the death of one of their friends, who’d died while surfing.

In defiance of Irma, Fort Pierce's infamous Archie's Seabreeze parties

Everyone at the bar had more to say about it than just liking the hot wings and cold beer — though owner Patty McGee said Budweiser has awarded her 21 years in a row for selling the most Budweiser in a four-county area.
"Thank God for Patty," said Frances Pollari, an island resident and Archie's regular. "Look at us, we're all happy. If we were isolated in our homes, we wouldn't be happy. God bless her."
Pollari and Feeney touched on why Archie's Seabreeze has thrived   for 70 years. It's more than just hosting the best hurricane party on the Treasure Coast, it's perhaps its close and raunchy family.
Besides being open 365 days a year, Archie's is  known for staying open close to a hurricane. They even made t-shirts for Hurricane Irma.  

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