Friday, September 29, 2017

Vietnam Veteran's Widow Planned Lonely Funeral For Tomorrow

UPDATE She was not alone!

Colorado Springs widow gives final salute to veteran husband who died suddenly

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Widow of Vietnam veteran worries she'll be alone for his funeral

Alasyn Zimmerman
September 28, 2017

When Ute Belasco's husband Roman passed away, she felt a series of emotions. From sadness, loneliness, and even anger- she wasn't sure where to turn. 

'It's like your brain dies for a while," said Belasco.
Roman, a Vietnam veteran served in the United States military for 20 years. Belasco remembers those years fondly. 
With nowhere to turn and unsure of what to do, she did know one thing: 'I knew he needed the honor,' said Belasco. 
With no family and not many friends, Belasco worried she would be all alone for her husband's funeral. 
Luckily, her neighbor reached out to some veterans services in hopes she would be alone and would have the support of some of his fellow veterans. 
'We can't let a veteran down, we really need[ed] to help," said Cynthia Galvin.
Galvin is with the Veterans of Foreign Wars, she says when she heard Belasco's story it was tough news to hear. "We have a saying, never leave a comrade behind, so we had to go and help," said Galvin.
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"The funeral will take place on Saturday, September 30th."

If my work has done anything for you over these years, then please give me an anniversary gift. Tomorrow is my anniversary with my husband. She is burying her's.

Please show up for this widow and honor the love she had for her husband! 

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