Sunday, September 24, 2017

Why Do Some PTSD Veteran Caregivers Matter More?

Why Do Some PTSD Veteran Caregivers Matter More?
Combat PTSD Wounded Times
Kathie Costos
September 24, 2017

None of us should matter more than the rest of us. So why is it that only Post 9-11 veterans seem to matter more than all other generations? Do people simply assume the others have all they need? Do they think our generation has nothing to teach them?

There are no new wounds, no new heartaches, no new struggles for the veterans or the families they come home to. When we read about the younger spouses struggling to help their veterans, we are shocked that they still know very little. Shocked? Yes, because when our veterans came home, we had to learn on our own and lean on each other.

There is a story out of Ohio, "Veterans' spouses get pampered" but only OEF and OIF spouses seem to matter.

Read the article because it tells the story of what it is like when they come home to all of us. None of this is new but as social media seems to have inflicted oblivious reporters seeking an easy way of doing their jobs, they flock to what they see, instead of searching for the truth. Our generation and the ones before us feel as if we didn't matter then and we don't matter now.
I didn’t know any of this,” Megan Cain said. “We had a young son. We were so grateful for my husband to come back. When he wasn’t the same, and he had all these issues, I was lost. It would be the middle of the night, and he’d walk the perimeter of our house with a baseball bat. He knew it wasn’t rational, but he felt they would come back to retaliate for what he’d done.”
We could have told her. After all, it is exactly the same thing all of us went through when no one noticed.

They still don't! We don't want them to have any less. Actually, we want them to have a lot more than we had, but we never planned on being left behind. 

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