Thursday, September 21, 2017

Woman Loses It Over PTSD Service Dog

And the winners are the veteran, his family, people who stuck up for him and Kathy's Crab House because of what they are doing about this!
Kathy's Crab House & Family RestaurantYesterday at 9:05am
We would like to express at this time how sorry we are over the embarrassing turn of events that occurred earlier this week in our restaurant, here in Delaware City.
It is unfortunate that some of the public are not familiar with federal regulations regarding service animals, which, in fact, do permit service animals into establishments such as grocery stores, public buildings and restaurants, giving aid and comfort to their masters in their time of need.
That being said, we would like to take what may have been perceived as a negative incident and turn this into a positive opportunity, by educating and enlightening the public about the role of service animals and how they help and serve many returning veterans who have suffered serious wounds and injuries, as well as those veterans suffering from PTSD.
So, at this time, we would like to announce that we will be sponsoring a fundraising effort for veterans and service animals thru the Montana Wounded Warriors. We would like to enlist your help as a sponsor, volunteer, or as a donor and help us enlighten and educate the public as well as to help those veterans in need.
Details need to be finalized at this time, but as they come together, we will make additional announcements to keep you apprised of our progress.
Thank you

Video captures argument about veteran's service dog in restaurant
USA Today Adam Duvernay
Wilmington News Journal
September 21, 2017

WILMINGTON, Del. — A now-viral video depicting the argument over a veteran's service dog in a Delaware restaurant has participants on all sides explaining their actions.

The video begins in the middle of an argument where a woman believed a veteran's service dog ruined her dining experience. The video shows Delaware resident Ciara Miller standing in the middle of Kathy's Crab House in Delaware City, Del., arguing with a small group of people, which included a man holding the leash of a Great Dane wearing a vest indicating it's a "PTSD service dog."

"I'm not going to keep my opinions to myself. I'm going to voice it just like I did. There's nothing you can do about it," Miller said in the video.
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