Tuesday, October 17, 2017

DoD 2017 Second Quarter Suicide Report

For the second quarter of 2017, the military services reported the following: 

• 56 deaths by suicide in the Active Component 

• 27 deaths by suicide in the Reserves 

• 36 deaths by suicide in the National Guard

First half of 2017 Totals

Active 130

Reserves 48

National Guard 68
Total 246

I thought about this all day and kept asking how anyone could find any of this acceptable or dismissible? 

If they do not change what they are doing, then they must find the result acceptable. If the awareness raisers running around using slogan like "22" or "20" a day, dismiss these men and women serving the country, who will stop them?

It is not bad enough that the majority of the veterans committing suicide are over the age of 50 but are ignored. 

Not bad enough that folks keep ignoring the fact that not all states have military service on death certificates and their veterans were not counted. 

Not bad enough that while the number of enlisted service members went down during the last decade of the DoD doing "prevention training" the number of suicides were not reduced accordingly. 

Not bad enough that they noticed that training was not good enough to prevent non-deployed from committing suicide or notice they needed to change to take care of those with multiple deployments.

No, none of that was bad enough for anyone getting all the attention and money to do a damn thing differently. 

So please tell me when the fuck this is going to get bad enough for someone to find none of this acceptable and actually do something to change what this deadly decade has produced!

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