Saturday, November 18, 2017

Majority of Veterans Are Not Republican?

If you control a Veterans Charity or group, think about this before you allow any of your members to put politics over other veterans.

It clearly shows the majority are not Republicans, as many would have you believe. It clearly shows that the majority are not Democrats and many would like you to believe. 

The truth is, MOST ARE INDEPENDENTS and all of them are veterans!

29% are Republican, 20% are Democrats but 49% are Independents! 

The divide is even wider when taken by age group.

Younger veterans, you know the ones you want to join your group, between the ages of 19-49 show 25% are Republicans, 16% are Democrats but 59% are Independents. 

When they walk into a group and hear political talk, imagine being one of the ones who do not agree with your political view and you just made them feel uncomfortable. Do you think they'll want to hear how much you care about them afterwards?

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