Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Mindless stunts on suicide awareness continue

Welcome to 2018, looks like we're about to enter into another decade of people getting publicity for something they didn't bother to learn anything about!

Another mindless stunt sold as raising awareness that veterans are committing suicide, when they cannot even get the number right...or even ask what they can do to change the outcome.

This is from WAAY News. Reporter didn't care about the story either!

Miles helps organize the event every year to raise awareness about mental health issues and suicide rates among veterans."The VA reports that about 22 veterans a day, from Vietnam veterans to today's war veterans, take their life and that's unacceptable," said Miles.
Yes, it is unacceptable that Miles did not read the report to know that number was an average of limited data from just 21 states. Also unacceptable is that apparently the report afterwards by the VA putting the number at "20" a day had pretty much been unchanged SINCE 1999!
Too many veterans have committed suicide because they did not know that tomorrow could be any better than their last worst day was!

Veterans don't need awareness they want to die. They need to know they can heal and take their lives back instead of ending them!

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