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Suicide Awareness Must Have Past by Jacob Brown

Pushing "Awareness" Proved You Didn't Really Care About Them!
Combat PTSD Wounded Times
Kathie Costos
January 16, 2018

If you have a problem with the truth, then please don't bother to read this site anymore. If you really want to do what is popular, then you're in the wrong place. You are part of the reason it is as bad for our veterans as it is. 

Instead of sharing all the "22 a day" or "20" number, go back to sharing cat videos and puppies going down stairs. Hey, you can also share your fabulous life and what you want people to know about you. I'm sure they'll be overjoyed with you sharing your lunch pictures again.

Get a clue! If you think fun stunts and repeating slogans stolen from the headline of a reporter, who did not even bother to read the whole report, would change a damn thing, well you're right. You managed to let veterans know, not only did a lot of other veterans give up, but added in the additional fact that all these groups didn't even care they were doing it!

You proved a lot to them.

However, if you want to do the right thing and actually fight to make a difference in the lives of our veterans, please learn what is shared here and then, take action!

What you are about to read is yet one more example of veterans not getting the help they need and families having to face what no one has prepared them for...war coming home.

For all the bullshit about "resilience training" and making sure the families are prepared, you'd need a pay loader to pick it all up for the incinerator instead of  a pooper scooper.

They are coming home without a clue what PTSD is or even the tiniest hope of healing. 

Officer involved shooting report released

Payson Roundup
Alexis Bechman
January 16, 2018

Just minutes after two Gila County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived at the Beaver Valley home of Jacob Brown, the tormented military veteran suffering from the delusions, paranoia and flares of rage from post traumatic stress disorder lay dead on the ground.

Jacob Brown walking around his Beaver Valley rental before a deadly encounter with GCSO deputies, taken from surveillance cameras.
The tragic confrontation in June between Brown, 35, and Deputy Cole LaBonte, 33, and Sgt. John France, 60, lay rooted in the demons that had stalked Brown for years. He emerged from a home full of his own surveillance cameras with a drawn shotgun to confront the deputies who shouted at him repeatedly to put down the weapons before firing a total of 10 shots, killing Brown on his front porch. Brown did not fire, with the safety still engaged on the shotgun.
The Roundup obtained the Department of Public Safety’s investigation of the shooting, which cleared the two officers of any wrongdoing.
Brown’s wife says her husband had been out of his mind days leading up to the shooting and she had fled the area after he got a strange look in his eyes. 
She knew he was back there. Back in the war. Fighting a battle she could not see or help him overcome.
While he had left the war, it had not left him.
His struggle to overcome post-traumatic stress disorder ended tragically. It left a family without a father, stamped the start of a young deputy’s career with a tragic shooting and apparently ended the law-enforcement career of a 36-year veteran.
read more here 

Yes, that is a picture of the last moment of Jacob Brown's life in Arizona. He survived combat but did not survive being home. 

Guess all that suicide awareness stuff got past him. Guess it got past his wife. Gee, must have gotten past all the officers left grieving for what they should have never had to do.

Maybe they all missed the "awareness" stunts there?

Here is the mind blowing headline from September 11, 2017
“It’s an epidemic:” Motorcyclists ride to raise awareness about veteran suicides
But they couldn't even get where the number came from. They have it as "Department of Defense instead of Department of Veterans Affairs.  
“They came up with a number in 2012, the Department of Defense," said Bill Byrne, a member of a New York chapter of Rolling Thunder. "22 veterans a day take their lives.”
As for Department of Defense, they never seem to know there are about another 500 a year committing suicide while still in the military or the simple fact that the two departments do not combine numbers! Here is the last suicide report from the DOD up to the first half of last year.

When awareness didn't work, veteran advocate took actionAZFamily-Jun 13, 2017 "We got tired of fighting veteran suicide just through awareness. We can throw all the big banners up. I can carry 22 ribbons every day. We aren't saving any lives. We were just making people aware," said Arthur. "We moved from awareness to actual action." Since that 2015 display, 
Why would he want to stop raising awareness?

Arizona veterans' suicide rate 4 times higher than civilians'

Want to start to make a difference, then go onto the sites of all these groups asking you for money using suicidal veterans to tug at your heart and ask them what are they trying to do. If they didn't take veterans seriously enough to read the damn report, learn any facts, show any kind of research on a subject this serious, then they are not serious about doing anything more than getting publicity for themselves!

People like me have done the research because saving lives, especially these lives required all the effort we could put into it.

Want to know the facts they won't tell you because they did not even bother to check? They need to stop raising awareness without learning first, but guess it wasn't important enough to them. Start learning for them and then ask them why they didn't bother to.

Here is a state by state list of veteran suicides, by ages and if they were able to list Military Service on their death certificates or not. Veterans Day Reminder of the Forgotten Find your state, how many veterans live there and how many the VA knows committed suicide. One more way to discover why the headline number is not even close to the number of hearts that stopped beating.

Here is the link to the report that has how many were kicked out of the military instead of helped. Guess what? They are not counted either! Kicked Out Instead of Helped

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