Monday, February 26, 2018

Shell-shocked and the images of Vietnam

Look at the faces and then you can see what PTSD looks like from the outside. This is a video you have got to watch, especially if you are a Vietnam veteran. 

There are parts in it where you'll see other young Marines risking their lives to save the wounded. If you don't think they would give up some time to save yours now, remember what they did for you back then!

Shell-shocked: Anthony Loyd goes in search of the Vietnam War veterans photographed by Don McCullin
The Times
February 23, 2018

The award-winning Times war correspondent has spent two years tracking down the traumatised young men whose images by McCullin defined the horror of the conflict. So what happened to those US Marines photographed 50 years ago this month at the battle of Hue?

The Marine was swallowed by the night. When he was found he was mute, though in his eyes lay a stare best unmet while dreaming: a gaze that was part trance, part fear, but mostly horror. The men who had located him recall that he neither blinked nor uttered a single word.

His true name is lost and his fate has become a mystery. But you may know his face already, for a photograph of him remains his only known legacy. Taken by Sir Don McCullin during the brutal battle for Hue in Vietnam 50 years ago this month, it is the portrait of the frozen man who became better known to the world by a clumsy caption: “Shell-shocked US Marine”.
read more here and the video you have got to watch!

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