Monday, February 5, 2018

Start healing awareness instead of suicide propaganda

Giving Healing Awareness Some Fuel
Combat PTSD Wounded Times
Kathie Costos
February 5, 2018

Which road you take is up to you, so stop and get directions!

I have to admit it. A co-worker keeps giving me advice on how to get people to pay attention to something as heartbreaking, and uncomfortable to talk about, as suicides. This is the result of the last time she told me I needed to pull a stunt.

The numbers you hear do not make them true. Almost like when folks were saying the earth was flat, it wasn't and still isn't. 

The CDC puts the number of Americans committing suicide at 42,826. Almost every state has said veterans commit suicide double the civilian rate, and some states say it is triple. That means it would have to be over 70 a day. 

This is complicated but what makes it all worse is that the ones trying to do the "teaching" are just repeating a headline. You'd think they would have taken these lives a lot more seriously and reporters would have done a better job getting closer to the real number. 

No one will ever know for sure but we, not only have to try to figure it out, stop what failed, beginning with awareness and we have to repeat what worked all these years.

If you doubt what is in this video, consider this. All the folks running around the country screaming about "suicide awareness" have managed to bring the known veteran suicides down to...

And they would have known this if they bothered to read the report in the first place. 

Hope you enjoy this video but hope you change what is happening a lot more. If they did not know what is stated in this video, then there isn't much they bothered to learn.

For the love of God, if you know someone hurting, tell them they can heal and live a better life instead of giving up!

This came out on February 6, 2018 on Montana Standard about the rising number of veterans committing suicide in Montana.

The Public's Health: Suicide rate for Montana's veterans still among highest

"Death certificates provide “a convenient but imperfect tool to describe suicides,” says the fact sheet. “While the death certificate provides a field asking whether the decedent was ever in the armed forces, it does not distinguish between active duty, the Reserves or National Guard membership … while the death certificate is able to reliably identify military services, research has suggested that there may be vulnerable subgroups such as active duty personnel.”

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