Friday, February 23, 2018


Do you want to fight with me?
Combat PTSD Wounded Times
Kathie Costos
February 23, 2018

Combat PTSD Wounded Times is, exactly what it says. 


Definition of combat

a fight or contest between individuals or groups
PTSD is a wound, so that means you were wounded.

And now these are your wounded times, but you can turn that around and start your healing times. 
Yep, now you get it! They need to be empowered to do what few have told them. #TakeBackYourLife. Do you want to fight with me or do you want to keep talking about them as a number, that has already been proven to be false?

Here is your chance to change the message they've been hearing.
front and back of the T-shirt

Scream about healing...not suicides

All the funds raised for this go directly to Point Man International Ministries headquarters. Many of you remember the conference I went to in Buffalo last year. If you want to help us do the work of healing and spread the message that will empower them to not give up, here are a few of the videos. I could not do this work without them.

The conversation has to change if we want the outcome to change.

Want to pull a stunt that will actually change the message?

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