Sunday, February 11, 2018

Truth is with deeds, not slogans

Stop supporting a losing battle
Combat PTSD Wounded Times
Kathie Costos
February 11, 2018
By now, you must be tired of me going after "suicide awareness" people. Frankly, I'm tied of it too. It has all had me in a very bad mood most of the time. 

I'm done with that subject after this. I tried being nice and then got angry. Reporters did not care to get the story right and none of them wanted the proof that is available to everyone with simple search results. Yes, the VA and news reports you read here are there for anyone to find. 

I guess they just didn't want to admit for all these years, they have been spinning their story lines/lies of "22 a day" or for that matter "20 a day" when none of them have mention why those numbers are only part of the story. 

The truth is, it keeps getting worse out here for our veterans and families. They still end up homeless, face off with law enforcement officials and still, they end up taking their own lives.

If you really want to make a difference, start in your own home as soon as possible. Do what I did back in 82, when I researched the hell out of it reading clinical books with a dictionary. Well, you won't have to do that because all you need to do is Google it in your PJs. Look for the facts and not what you find on Facebook. Stay away from social media groups mentioning those two numbers. Time to learn the truth.

The truth is, we can help them heal. It has been our job all along but few decided they would not stop fighting until their veteran was healing. Maybe they just didn't know they could. After all, the most press coverage has been how many they think killed themselves. If these reporters really want to deliver feel good stories that will do some good, they need to focus on what has been working.

Look for groups taking care of all generations of veterans. If they do not value all of them, then you should ask for an explanation.

Look for groups with real information on what they claim to be doing. "Raising awareness" is not a real thing and not something that should cost you money. It just means they are doing a lot of talking and stunts. 

"Honor and empower" is not a real thing either. What exactly does that mean? The other part of the famous groups slogan talks about being forgotten, but they forgot about all the other generation of veterans with high rates of PTSD and suicides. 

Find out if the group is actually doing the work they want your money to pay for, or are they sending them to someone else?

Find groups and support efforts that put the veteran first. If they have nothing available for family members, find out why. If they do learn from them, find support with them and then you'll be ready to fight these battles at home. This is a war we can win!

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