Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Veterans Deserve Better Than Having to Make a Choice! 
Combat PTSD Wounded Times
Kathie Costos
February 27, 2018

Members of Congress need to remember that veterans were disabled serving this nation and risked their lives for this nation. Honoring that should never be a "choice" but must be regarded as an obligation!

You'd think they would already know that, but they have not taken action to make sure the VA was able to fulfill their needs.

Congress? Yes! It has been their job since 1946, so if there is anything veterans are not getting, it is their fault. 

As for the "choice" that some members of Congress are pushing, remember, they are the same ones telling civilians how bad our system is. Why on earth would they think it was a good idea to toss veterans out of the VA and send them into this mess?

We seem to have our answer, and it is not a good one. Greedy people want to make a lot of money off our veterans! Tell them we owe veterans, we do not own them. Stop trying to sell them off!
White House meets with veterans groups amid tension over Shulkin, Choice program
CVA is backed by Charles and David Koch, billionaires who seek to roll back government bureaucracy. The group has been one of VA's most vocal critics since the agency's 2014 wait-time scandal was exposed. Its profile has grown during the Trump administration, with one of its former senior advisers, Darin Selnick, serving as veteran affairs adviser inside the White House.
Which is more BS if you look up the history of the VA and backlog of claims. By June of 2009 they were up to a million in the backlog. Go back and check for when Bush was President too, but don't stop there. Veterans have had to come home and protest for promises to be kept since the Revolutionary War!!!!!

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